the fixed trilogy & hudson; a review

The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige

The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige

Books 29, 30 and 31/50

So, as I went through the New York Times best seller list and randomly selected a few books to take on, I didn’t realize that The Fixed Trilogy was actually a 50 Shades of Grey style sexy time series! Call it what you will: contemporary romance, erotica, or trash and a half, I just like to call it good old fashioned sexy time. Of course, the genre didn’t deter me either and I powered through all three books in a single weekend. The Fixed Trilogy, while not as poorly written as the 50 Shades books, (it’s hard to be worse, and I don’t usually say that about another author’s work!) it is similar to the general structure of sexy time novels, as it incorporates ridiculously fast-paced story lines and relatively unrealistic characters and plot points. (That’s what these types of books are all about, right?!)

That being said, I flew through these novels. The three stories (Fixed on You, Found in You, Forever with You) focused on the protagonist, Alayna “Laynie” Wither’s, and her struggle as a recovering obsessive compulsive disorder patient. Alayna’s past is filled with retraining orders and stalking; she has often gone too far in the name of love. She has since tried turning her life around and focused her obsessive behavior on something else: graduating at the top of her class in her MBA program. But along comes Alayna’s new employer, a handsome, wealthy bachelor by the name of Hudson Peirce, who is immediately drawn to her. Hudson has demons of his own and the two of them soon enter into a relationship that neither of them saw coming.

I really liked the idea of the female protagonist having an obsessive personality and problems in her past. So often these types of stories feature a timid, beautiful virgin who hasn’t had any major problems in the past. I found that author Laurelin Paige’s depiction of a woman with this disease was interesting and raw.

I would recommend these books to those who want a mindless beach read, or something to fill in their 50 Shades erotica void, definitely. This genre is not something I read often, but I am happy I stumbled upon this series when I did!


Hudson, By Laurelin Paige

Hudson, By Laurelin Paige

Book 47/50

Newly released Hudson, the fourth “Fixed” novel, definitely fills the void one feels after putting down the trilogy. While not as stimulating or surprising as the trilogy (how could it be? We already know what happens!), Hudson is interesting enough to keep the reader engaged.

The timing in this novel switches back and forth from before meeting Laynie to after meeting her. It’s intriguing; we get a glimpse into his past and learn why Hudson is the way he is. We see what his upbringing was like, and we see how and when his mangled relationship with Celia took a turn for the worst. That being said, there aren’t as many ‘erotic’ moments, but then again, we’ve read all of Hudson and Laynie’s moments together anyway; now they are just from his perspective.

A definite must-read for lovers of the trilogy!

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