legend trilogy; a review

Legend, Prodigy, Champion

Legend, Prodigy, Champion, By Marie Lu

Books 43-45/50

If you can take away one thing from this review, let it be this: if you love YA, read these books.

Knowing my obsession with teen dystopian trilogies, my writing partner Kristi suggested I pick up Marie Lu‘s Legend series. Let’s just say that I finished all three books within a week. Overall, the series was a perfect mix of adventure, action, love and politics, taking place in a future world set in a divided United States.

The perspective in all three stories alternates between a female protagonist named June and a male protagonist named Day. They both grew up in very different families, both with their own hardships.

June was brought up in a well-to-do family and was fortunate enough to attend the right schools, and live in a beautiful home. Sadly, her parents passed away in a car accident when she was younger, so she was raised by her older brother Matthias. Day was born in a lower class family and is a legend himself. The first novel in the trilogy, Legend, follows Day on the run. He’s a wanted fugitive, trying to find a cure for an epidemic that has affected his family, in addition to the entire society. June has always been intrigued by the legend of Day; he seems to be the one person who can scale a building better than she can. But (spoiler alert!) when June’s brother is murdered, the lead suspect is Day…and June is hired to go undercover and track him down.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Prodigy and Champion (book two and three in the series) are equally as intense as Legend. Throughout the three stories, the reader witnesses two people grow, both together and as individuals, in a world of ever-present violence and turmoil. Under tragic circumstances and with a society in dire need of help, June and Day join forces. Their relationship may start off as a lie, but it soon blossoms into something much more than either of them expected.

Fans of the Hunger Games get ready: this series will help fill the void!

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