one tiny lie; a review

One Tiny Lie, By K.A. Tucker

One Tiny Lie, By K.A. Tucker

Book 56/50

This will be a short and sweet post since I’m in the verge of becoming the President of the K.A Tucker fan club.

Once again, One Tiny Lie is intertwined with the characters featured in the other novels of the Ten Tiny Breaths series, this time featuring a college student. A few years after her parents tragic death, protagonist Livie Cleary heads to Princeton with a game plan: achieving stellar grades, maintaining control, and fulfilling her parents dream for her to become a doctor. What she isn’t prepared for is the arrogant and handsome captain of the Princeton rowing team, Ashton, to  storm into her world like a tornado.

Despite her best efforts, Livie can’t seem to stop thinking about Ashton, no matter how wronghe is for her. Typically, she’s always in control of her temper, but Ashton seems to make hers flare up like never before. As her freshman year at Princeton continues and her grades start to slip, Livie realizes that her dream of becoming a doctor and her last promise to her father is slipping from her grasp. Livie’s first year at college ends up being a year of self discovery, coming into her own, and embracing new decisions. These decisions will alter her life, romantically and professionally.

Maybe the hopeful promises we make when we’re young are just that- hopeful. But hopes, dreams and desires change, and Livie learns this first hand. Pick up this book for yet another New Adult fiction winner. It’s quick-paced and light; just what the doctor prescribed on a cold winters day.

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