bloodlines (books 1-5); a review


Bloodlines, by Richelle Mead


Books 57-61/50

I really have no idea why I waited so long to read Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series. Considering I read all six books in the Vampire Academy series in about a week, I’m shocked I didn’t pick up the spin off immediately. But then again, maybe I needed a break from vampires. (Who would have thought?)

Richelle Mead did it again. Using likable characters (Adrian, Sydney, Eddie and Jill) from the Vampire Academy series, Mead creates a new page turning, steamy and adventurous YA series. The sixth and final book comes out in February 2015, and I can’t wait! I read through the first five books in a week, staying on the elliptical for two hours at a time because I couldn’t put the novels down. (I mean, we all know that I have a problem at this point, so let’s not dwell on it).

Most of the novels are told from Sydney’s perspective, though as the stories continue, the POV fluctuates between Sydney and Adrian. In the Vampire Academy books, I wasn’t sure about pure, straightedge, goody-two-shoes Sydney; yet it was clear that Mead wanted her readers to know that there was more to Sydney that meets the eye. In Vampire Academy, however, the readers were never given too much information on the mystery of Sydney’s life, her prickly attitude, or the Alchemists (the religious group Sydney belongs to that protects regular civilians from evil vampires, also known as Strogoi). In Bloodlines, however, the Alchemist group is front and center when Sydney is chosen to protect newfound Moroi royalty, Jill, in secret at a boarding school in Palm Springs.

Sydney isn’t the only one chosen to protect Jill, though. The unlikely group of misfits also includes Dhampir Eddie and notorious heart-broken bad boy Moroi Adrian, and they are later joined by some other mystery guests, including witches and other religious group members. From vampire killing and torture to forbidden love, Bloodlines is a must read for all the Vampire Academy fanatics out there.

The reader is taken on a twisting and turning adventure ride of courage, humor, protection, prejudice, politics and dangerous escapades. Mead really knows how to make her readers swoon for romance and stay glued to the edge of their seats (or elliptical, in my case).

Regardless of where you choose to read these books, you won’t be disappointed.


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