the ruby circle (bloodlines book 6); a review

the Ruby Circle, by Richelle Mead

the Ruby Circle, by Richelle Mead

Book 11 of 2015

The anticipation leading up to this novels release was unparalleled (for me). I was more excited for the sixth and final installment of the Bloodlines series than I was for Insurgent and Allegiant (both of which also happened to be letdowns).

The Ruby Circle, named after the wedding ring that Adrian gave to Sydney, was a fan-pleasing way to end the series. While it was disappointing to read Sydney and Adrian disagreeing and arguing so much in the first half of the story, Mead does a great job of helping the reader understand why the couple argues so much; it all boils down to the two of them caring so much for one another. Ultimately, the arguing stops and they finally get the happiness they deserve. The Ruby Circle, without giving too much away, proves that love truly conquers all.

My only other complaint about the book is that it felt a little rushed; there were a lot of elements that weren’t tied up, which leaves room for Mead to expand on the series if she so desires. There were a few bombs dropped in the book around Adrian and Dimitri, Olive, a new character names Declan (this character stirs up a lot of secrets and questions!), Uncle Rand, and Rose and Dimitri. I can’t imagine that Richelle Mead doesn’t visit these characters again in the future, since these introductions and storylines were deliberate. And based on the few interviews I have looked up with Mead recently, it seems that she knows how happy a continuation of the Vampire Academy world will make her fans.

Since fans have grown so attached to the characters, it seems that whenever readers end a series, there are things we wish were touched upon; we ache for closure and happiness. There are always exorbitantly high expectations with the last book in a series.

Overall, I loved the entire Bloodlines series. In fact, after I read the Ruby Circle, I couldn’t help but go back and re-read all of the Bloodlines novels again. It’s a collection of stories that is filled with magic, love, darkness and humor. What more could you want? Adrian and Sydney’s love is inspiring and re-reading the novels just solidified my love for them even more.

Pick up this series if you haven’t started it yet (but start with Vampire Academy!) All of these books are quick, satisfying reads that will continuously leave you on the edge of your seat; you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Glad to agree with the whole review 🙂 I found myself rather disappointed at the beginning with Sydney and Adrian’s relationship… Gladly, as you say, love truly conquers all!

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