red queen; a review

Red Queen, By Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen, By Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is the next Divergent for me. I first read Veronica Roth‘s Divergent within a month of it being released, and was up all night trying getting through as much of it as I could. I waited and waited until the second book, Insurgent, came out, constantly chastising myself for reading a book that’s sequel wasn’t out yet.

And now it’s happened again. Red Queen, written by Victoria Aveyard, was one of the most anticipated YA books of 2015 and not only did it exceed my expectations, but it also has already been optioned for a movie.

The story takes place in the future; a world divided by class, or more accurately: divided by blood. The poor have red blood, and the wealthy have silver blood. Not only do the Silvers have money and status, but they also all have talents, such as mind control, strength, and other forms of supernatural power.

The novel centers around Mare Barrow, a lowly Red teenager. When her best friend Kilorn finds out he’s getting conscripted, Mare using her pick-pocketing skills in order to come up with money to get the two of them out of their society. Mare wants to run away with Kilorn to join a rebel group called the Scarlet Guard. The Scarlet Guard plans on taking down the Silvers, demanding equality. It’s a decent plan since Mare is an expert at stealing. That is, until, Cal catches her.

For some reason Mare tells her sob story to Cal, a stranger who caught her trying to steal from him on a busy street. He seems sympathetic, and gives Mare the money she needs. Cal also gets her a job with the Royal Family, much to her disbelief. Mare can’t believe her luck… until she finds out Cal is a prince.

The prince. And here is where the book really takes off.

Red Queen, book #1 in a trilogy, leads the reader on twists and turns throughout every chapter. (Read the first seven chapters for free here.) I’m hoping the novels that follow will be just as well-done, because I think I’ve expressed my disdain towards Insurgent and Allegiant (I even tweeted with Aveyard about it!). I didn’t find Red Queen predictable and loved Aveyard’s style of writing. The characters were interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing more growth from them in the following novels.

Now the only problem is waiting for book #2 to come out next year.

Sigh. The life of an avid reader.

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