the lost herondale;a review

The Lost Herondale, By Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman

The Lost Herondale, By Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman

Book 38 of 2015

This review is strictly for fans of The Mortal Instruments, as it simply won’t make sense to anyone else.

The Lost Herondale is an e-novella that follows ex-vampire Simon Lewis through Shadowhunter Academy. Still without memory of everything that happened in the MI series, and without any memory of his best friend Clary Fary, Simon battles onward, hoping something will spark inside him and all will fall into place for him once again.


Simon and his roommate, among his not-so-enjoyable classmates, all are forced to listen to the tale of the Lost Herondale. Simon is later told in secret that there is still a Herondale out there in the world, meaning Jace has a living relative but Simon is sworn to secrecy.

The climax of this story is when the Shadowhunters-in-training are sent out to kill a vampire on their own. Simon’s ex-girlfriend Isabelle is waiting in the wings to help Simon out, and she hopes that once Simon sees her in action, memories of their relationship will come flooding back to him.

The Lost Herondale is book #2 in this series of follow-up novellas, following Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. I enjoyed this story more than the first, and I think it is because this story was co-written with a different writer. I felt so frustrated as Simon tried to navigate his new life and remember his past- feelings the authors undoubtedly planned their readers to feel. The appearances by our favorite characters from the MI series also add some flavor, and I would suggest this series for short, snackable stories that will help with Mortal Instruments withdrawal.

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