finding paris; a review

Finding Paris, By Joy Preble

Finding Paris, By Joy Preble

Book 40 of 2015

Finding Paris was one of those novels I just stumbled upon at the book store. I picked it up, read the back flap, and bought it; no expectations.

Despite the name, the novel takes place in Las Vegas, not Paris. The protagonist is named Leo, and she and her sister Paris live with their mother and stepfather off the Vegas strip. One night, the girls stop at a local diner and Paris takes off, leaving Leo alone. Paris leaves a series of clues around Las Vegas for her sister to find her, each clue indicating that Paris needs help— and fast. Leo embarks on the hunt to find Paris, at first hoping to humor her sister by playing along, and eventually becoming extremely worried about what Paris is running from.

Along for the ride is a boy named Max Sullivan. Leo and Paris met him at the diner the night Paris disappeared and he appeals to Leo in ways she has never felt about a guy before. Leo is extremely hesitant to trust him, but is left with no choice, since he has a car and the resources to help her get Paris back.

I thought I had this book all figured out from the beginning, but the story takes some unexpected twists and turns, especially at the end. Leo is a sweet, quirky, smart character whose love for her sister triumphs. This novel is about the devotion of two sisters and their love for one another, and quiet desperation around tragic, saddening issues. Finding Paris is a page-turner I would recommend as an easy, surprisingly deep, Young Adult read.

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