the invasion of the tearling; a review

The Invasion of the Tearling

The Invasion of the Tearling, by Erika Johansen

Book 46 of 2015

Written by Erika Johansen, the sequel to The Queen of the Tearling turned out to be just as much a page turner as the series debut. Queen Kelsea, her guard and the Tearling Kingdom are preparing for the invasion of the evil Mortmesne army. In The Invasion of the Tearling, on top of preparing for the invasion, Kelsea consistently slips into dreams that take her into the life a pre-Crossing woman named Lily.

Reading Lily’s excerpts was like reading another book. Johansen brilliantly weaves in the pre-Crossing history through the brutal tale of Lily and her journey to ‘a better world.’ The writing is very current and really takes the reader out of the time and place of Kelsea and the Tearling and into the year of 2045.

Back in the Tearling realm, on top of everything else, Kelsea continues to play with dark magic, her womanhood, and finds herself getting stronger every day. She finds herself making mistakes and big decisions every day. Her number one adviser, Mace, is concerned that she has become too brutal; that she is changing for the worst. But all Kelsea can think of is Lily and her tragic tale, what the connection means to the Tearling realm, and how her learnings can be applied to stopping the Red Queen and the Mortmesne invasion.

What will happen when the inevitable invasion occurs? Will Kelsea and her realm live through it? You’ll have to read to find out.

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