a court of thorns and roses; a review

A Court of Thrones and Roses, by Sarah J. Mass

A Court of Thrones and Roses, by Sarah J. Mass

Book 56 of 2015

My friend and reading companion Jane recommended author Sarah J. Maas to me based on her bestselling series,  Throne of Glass. I started reading book one from the newest series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and was pleasantly surprised by the writing style.

Sullen, bull-headed, stubborn and a hunter, nineteen year old Feyre reminded me of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games as I dove into the book. She hunts in the woods near her home– woods she has always been afraid of but has no choice but to venture into– and kills a wolf on her most recent hunt. She brings the wolf home, knowing its pelt will afford her family some food. What she didn’t know was that the wolf was a disguised faerie, and killing one if its kind is a no-no. Almost immediately upon returning home, a giant magical beast comes to take Feyre away to make her pay for killing the wolf.

It’s retribution; it’s the law. Feyre didn’t know the rules, but she is now forced to live with the magical beast named Tamlin. He promises Feyre her family is well-fed and safe without her and she has no choice but to believe him; it turns out that Tamlin isn’t the magical beast that she thought he was; he is also a handsome, high-ranking faerie who has more power than Feyre could have ever imagined.

Living at Tamlin’s court, Feyre soon realizes that not all faeries are the scary, evil beings that legend have made them out to be. Well, most of them are, but not Tamlin and the faeries in his court. But Feyre soon learns that there is truth behind the myths; she soon learns about a curse put on Tamlin and his court by an evil faerie, and the threat of this evil continues to close in on Tamlin and his people.

Without giving any more of the story line away, I would say that, overall, I enjoyed the book. I thought the first half was a bit sluggish, but the second half was action-packed and exciting. We’ll see where the ‘love triangle’ will go- I’m not sure if there is much of one but it seems that Maas is intent on developing one. I recommend this book for fantasy lovers, and for readers who like a little extra spiciness that is sometimes missing from YA.


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