crash; a review

Crash (The Game Trilogy Book 3), By Eve Silver

Crash (The Game Trilogy Book 3), By Eve Silver

Book 2 of 2016

Crash was the third book in The Game trilogy by Eve Silver and offered a decent – if not quick – ending to the series.

To be honest, Crash was my least favorite book in the trilogy. I felt like some of the scenes were too quick and Silver was trying to close up some loose ends, while other components offered no closure. While the main characters Miki and Jackson are interesting enough, I also found that their thoughts were repetitive; Silver was constantly trying to convey each characters same thoughts and emotions through slightly different wording.

Crash saddens readers with the loss of a beloved character and a betrayal that is a bit anticlimactic, and it entertains readers with a sweet love story. That’s basically what Crash boiled down to.

I recommend the series only because I read the first two books very quickly and enjoyed them. And while Crash was the least memorable of the three, it is a necessary read to finish off the trilogy.

Let me know if you felt the same!

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