maybe someday; a review

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Book 17 of 2016

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover was another win in the New Adult/Romance department. I expected this story to be a typical New Adult novel (which I have no problem with) and wasn’t expecting the twists I got. The story begins with Sydney, a student who just found out her boyfriend cheated on her with her roommate, leaving her apartment with nowhere to go. Ridge, a guitar player she has only seen but never spoken to, has a spare room at his place so Sydney moves in.

Sydney had seen Ridge for many months playing music on his balcony and was always intrigued by his talent. What she didn’t know about Ridge is that he’s deaf; but Ridge doesn’t let that stop him from writing music for his brothers band and creating beautiful songs. The only problem is that when Sydney moves in, Ridge is struggling with writer’s block. While Sydney tries to move on from the betrayal she has recently experienced and pick up the pieces of her life again, she finds herself distracted by Ridge in more ways than one. She begins to help him write lyrics to his melodies and their friendship blossoms. And while Sydney is still healing, she has to constantly remind herself that Ridge is off-limits. She is attracted to him despite not wanting a relationship, and Ridge has a long-term girlfriend who he loves dearly. And while he loves his girlfriend, Ridge can’t deny his attraction to Sydney either. The two must navigate their growing magnetism to one another, with all odds against them.

While I didn’t love this novel as much as Confess (the first Colleen Hoover book I read), I still give it a thumbs up. The lyrics included (written by Griffin Peterson) and perspective on a relationship with a deaf person was so fascinating, and I haven’t read many books with the subject of hearing loss as a featured topic. I would suggest this novel for those who love a good, complication story of love and personal growth.



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