the season of you & me; a review

The Season of You & Me, by Robin Constantine

The Season of You & Me, by Robin Constantine

Book 20 of 2016

Robin Constantine comes at us again with another sweet YA romance. Constantine has proven, yet again, that she knows how to write from a believable young adult perspective, all while delivering a satiable love story.

The Season of You & Me follows Cassidy Emmerich as she is navigates her emotions, determined to move on from her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal. She decides to skip town for the summer, and head to her father and stepmother’s house on the Jersey Shore. She knows no one in the touristy village, so her father gets her a job at a local summer camp called Camp Manatee so she can make friends.

Enter Bryan Lakewood. Cute, sarcastic, funny and paralyzed. Once a dare-devil and incredible surfer, Bryan suffered an accident the previous year that left him bound to a wheelchair. It’s his first summer back at Camp Manatee and he is dead-set on proving to the camper’s parents that he is still up for the job of counselor, despite his setbacks.

Cassidy is ready to embrace summer on the Jersey Shore, and tries to make her ex-boyfriend back at home jealous by posting about all the fun she’s having. She intends on spending most of the summer working and with her family. Bryan on the other hand, is focusing on his rehab therapy, as well as his own inner demons… demons lingering as a result of his accident. Neither Cass or Bryan expected their initial attraction to turn into anything more than a friendship, but it blossoms and flourishes anyway.

My favorite part of The Season of You & Me is the setting. I loved the small town feeling of the Jersey Shore, perhaps because I grew up in a Canadian beach town where Americans would come and spend their summer holidays. The tourism aspect, and the community-feel of the setting felt realistic and homey to read about.

I did have some issues with the story, however. While I did like the characters of Cass and Bryan, I thought they were the weakest characters that Constantine has created to-date. Bryan’s thoughts and feelings surrounding his injury and future didn’t always feel believable (although I did like his dark humor), and Cassidy was a bit dull, at times. She seemed like the classic “run away from my problems” protagonist. I suppose my issue is that I tried to connect with the characters as much as I did with Constantine’s other protagonists and I couldn’t. Additionally, while I did enjoy the book, I wished that some of the subplots were explored more, and the story sometimes felt rushed, especially the ending.

While I did have a few complaints, I really enjoy Constantine’s writing, as always, The book was a quick, cute read and I will always pre-order a Robin Constantine novel. I am looking forward to see what she creates next!

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