daisy jones and the six; a review

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m not someone who reads many band biographies like my neighbor Lou, so Daisy Jones and the Six was a refreshing change of pace for me. I actually listened to the audiobook, and I am so glad I did. The audiobook is narrated by Jennifer Beals, Benjamin Bratt, Judy Greer and Pablo Schreiber, amongst a larger cast, and they are AWESOME. I felt like I was listening to real interviews, firsthand, even though Daisy Jones and the Six is fictional. I found myself wishing it was non-fiction.

The story centers around the rapid rise of a 1970’s rock band, Daisy Jones and the Six, and how they came to be. The Six was originally a band independent of Daisy, led by songwriter and lead singer Billy Dunn. Daisy Jones is portrayed as a free-spirited young woman with untapped talent, who is looking for a band to join. The novel takes readers on an emotional, thrilling ride of the bands rise to fame, and more importantly, their interpersonal relationships, successes, and strife along the way. The novel finishes beautifully too, and I love the surprise narration towards the ending. I even cried a bit! (Shocking, I know).

Daisy Jones and the Six has such buzz around it that Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, and Amazon are co-producing a 13-episode limited series based on the novel, and I cannot WAIT. There are some strong, independent women featured in this story too, so it is no wonder Witherspoon wanted to scoop it up! This novel will play out beautifully as a series and I can’t wait to see who they cast!

Have you read Daisy Jones and the Six? What did you think of it? Will you watch the show?

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