wild at heart; a review

Wild at Heart, by K.A.Tucker

Wild at Heart, K.A Tucker’s sequel to The Simple Wild, was heartwarming and delightful. Readers fell in love with main characters Calla and Jonah in TSW, and now watch as they face new challenges in their relationship as they relocate to another small town in Alaska.

Tucker takes us on a second Alaskan adventure and I was here for it! Reading about Alaska reminds me of my honeymoon, and all the beauty we saw during our time travelling the unique state. The story isn’t a mere continuation of TSW however; it was fresh with new, entertaining characters and a new, idyllic (and sometimes frightening!) setting.

My favourite character in this story was Roy: a gruff, angry man who has been self-isolating well before the COVID-19 lockdown. Roy is Calla and Jonah’s new neighbour and wants nothing to do with them, despite their initial efforts. Calla slowly begins to weasel her way into Roy’s heart by saving his dog, however, and doesn’t back down despite his bite along the way. I loved seeing this friendship blossom and learning about this complex character who has his own story to tell.

Reading about Calla and Jonah’s love flourishing through their ups and downs is exactly the type of fiction I need to be reading right now. Through the scariness of COVID-19, I yearned to read something positive and uplifting, and also something that takes place somewhere far away. Books are all about escapism, and I loved escaping in my head to a state that holds a special place in my heart.

If you were a fan of The Simple Wild and loved the flights, flirtations and fiery protagonists, I definitely recommend checking out Wild at Heart. It’s a love-story that keeps on giving.

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