stories i only tell my friends & love life, reviews

Stories I Only Tell My Friends and Love Life, by Rob Lowe


What are you reading this Fall? I am knee-deep in memoirs and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I truly had no idea Rob Lowe was so interesting. I have seen him in many films and television shows over the years, however, it was only after I heard his fascinating interview on the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast that I decided to pick up Stories I Only Tell My Friends. I read his second memoir, Love Life, immediately afterwards.

Rob comes from a humble mid-western upbringing and moved to Malibu after his parents divorced. His mother struggled with depression and his colourful upbringing gave him a desire for independence at all early age. Upon moving to Malibu, he was immediately thrust into a nerdy, theatrical social circle including Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen and Chris & Sean Penn, while Robert Downey Jr. was in his history class. Lowe goes on to tell stories of auditioning as a child, meeting soon-to-be mega stars, what it was like to land a role in a Francis Ford Coppola film, and how the Brat Pack was formed. He tells tales of dating a Princess, followed by the murder of a friend, his struggles with alcohol and addiction, his wild night at the Playboy Mansion, his sex tape scandal, his runs on The West Wing and Parks and Recreation, and how he turned his life around by marrying his wife and becoming a father.

The way that Lowe tells a story, revealing a tidbit or celebrity name towards the end of each tale, was well-done, enticing and kept me on wondering. His reveals always had me Googling immediately afterwards, checking timelines, looking up someone’s name and filmography, or adding another movie to my “watchlist.” He is no stranger to name-dropping, and that makes his stories all-the-more juicy. Lowe’s confidence borders on cocky at times, but in an endearing way. And he could be viewed as a bit archetypal, but in that older father-figure way. You know the type: the ones who’s heart is in the right place but they just used an outdated word and you want to correct them on it. Overall though, Lowe is a likeable, ever-evolving, self-aware guy who has been in the business for years with many compelling stories to tell.

I don’t want to give too much away by writing about any more specific tales from his memoirs, but I will say that you will enjoy Lowe’s books if you are interested in Old Hollywood, pop culture, the film and television industry, self growth and/or addiction. I picked up his second book right away after his first, and would read another one if he decides to release it. I have a feeling he has more stories up his sleeve.

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