yearbook, a review

I recently finished the audiobook Yearbook, by Seth Rogan. It was exactly what I needed at this point in the Pandemic! Narrated by the author, but also alongside a talented cast, the book reads as a theatrical podcast filled wth bright humour, Hollywood meet-cutes, Canadian + Jewish heritage tales, and illuminating stories from Rogan’s childhood.

Rogan covers everything from growing up as a Vancouver boy who spent his summers at Jewish camp and his adolescent years beginning his comedy career on stage performing stand-up, to his first big break with his best friend and writing partner Evan Goldberg. Rogan tells hilarious stories from his youth (one of my favourites involved a drug deal and a mugging gone awry), meeting his heroes (spoiler alert: George Lucas was a disappointment and Snoop Dog was everything you’d imagine!), connecting his wife (they have been together for 17 years!) and what it was like having a North Korean dictator force his movie out of theatres (I’m sure everyone remembers The Interview).

Rogan laughs, he swears a ton, and he reads his story just as he would say it in a conversation- or last least that’s the way it felt. I definitely recommend Yearbook for anyone who needs a laugh (or several), and for someone looking for something lighthearted and Canadian. Rogan is just as endearing as I expected, and my only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough.

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