Living in Toronto, I’m lucky enough to enjoy diversity in every sense of the word. By day, I work as an account executive at a national broadcast company. By night, I write. By day AND night, I am a mama and a wife, a friend, a daughter and a sister. I love being all of those things, and no matter how overwhelming life gets, I am so grateful for the people in my life who inspire me everyday.

I’ve completed my first New Adult/Travel Fiction novel, Foreign Bliss, and am seeking representation.  In the meantime, I’m currently writing my second novel, Foreign Summer. I hope my prose inspires others someday; I hope to inspire my readers to go for the goals they set out for themselves, do something that scares them, travel the world and embrace love. Easy right?

As a self-proclaimed obsessive book-worm, while I love writing about love and travel, I also enjoy reading about both topics as well. Here on my blog, I set book-reading goals for myself, as I understand how much reading impacts an authors writing. 

Join me in my writing and reading adventures, with some mama moments and foodie pit stops along the way. I’d love to hear about your adventures and book recommendations, so feel free to drop me a line via the form below.

xx      Kel


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  1. Kelly, it’s fun to read your blog! From one book lover to another, read “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. I loved this book! Never before have I read, what for so long I wished I could put into words. Like Cheryl, my mom died tragically when I was young. Cheryl Strayed writes of her loss and healing while she treks solo along the PCT. Her voice is captivating honest and brave! I have already passed this book along, it is a novel that needs to be shared and not tucked away on a book shelf. Cheers! Aunt Sharon

    • Thanks Aunt Sharon- I actually think that ‘Wild’ is already being made into a movie staring Reese Witherspoon! I will definitely look into reading it. It sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. Well you have no review policy or a list of book reviews, so I couldn’t tell what you are interested in reading (I am guessing YA/NA? The books you have reviewed are not familiar to me) but I must humbly recommend a few things (again I am sorry if you already reviewed them, I couldn’t see them in your recent reviews)

    1. Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss -I’m halfway through the first book (The Name of the Wind) and all I can say is it’s a masterpiece. It didn’t become a NYT best seller for nothing. It’s wonderful!

    2. The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist – That is a classic of the fantasy genre, first published in the 80’s but now much known to the new generation. I am promoting around, it’s really an awesome YA Fantasy series. (you can see the review on my blog)

    3. The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts – That is the sequal to The Riftwar Saga, featuring one of the absolute best strong female protagonists I’ve ever read in the fantasy genre so far. Amazing world building and details. I have a crush on one of the male characters, too, lol.

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