Hunger Games: Catching Fire Canadian Premiere Review

As I sit on the subway, surrounded by a bunch of boisterous soccer fans on their way back from a TFC game, I thought I would draft up a quick review of Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie premiere I just attended.


The Capitol Guards, awaiting our entry

Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to hit up the Canadian premiere, a few days before its worldwide release. Sam Claflin (“Finnick”), and Jena Malone, (“Johanna Mason”), paraded through the theatre and along the red carpet at the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto. The two took the stage before the movie began, and answered questions as fans hung onto every word. Jena mentioned that she loved the cherry coke from the fancy Canadian machines and drooled over Poptopia, while Sam spent a ton of time signing autographs, taking photos with fans, and smiling at the teenagers swooning over his disheveled hair and English accent. (Note: I may have had a mini crush on Sam in Snow White and the Huntsman, so I was one of the not-so-teenage girls waiting standing in the blustery wind, trying to snap a shot of him!)


Sam Claflin

I know there are a ton of other Hunger Games fangirls and fanboys out there, and while I’m no professional reviewer, I thought I would compile a few short reviews and comments from my fellow attendees. So, if you can’t wait until Friday, here are some reviews to get you even more excited for the film, and hopefully tide you over…


Leading up to the Quarter Quell we start to see the effects of the revolution started by Katniss who defied the Capital in the last Hunger Games. Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games is full of action and emotion. The love triangle between the main characters Katniss, Peeta and Gale continues in this movie. Additional past Hunger Games winners Johanna and Finnick are added to the mix and prove to be very interesting characters full of heart and fire. By the time the movie is complete we see the revolution in full swing and are left craving more. I loved Catching Fire and can’t wait to see Mocking Jay part 1. – Zain Ladha

Action packed while promoting an emotional connection. Proving that every revolution begins with a spunk and that love really does inspire one to believe that they can conquer all. Effie’s costumes themselves made me happy and feel like a girl whose stumbled down a hole into wonderland. -Lyna Sapijonis

Catching Fire was an absolutely fantastic film. Personally, I felt it was truer to the book than the first movie was. Also, huge props to Jena Malone for her flawless performance as Johanna Mason from District 7! – Gavin Reynolds

I thought Catching Fire was okay. I liked how the first movie was shot “documentary style”, this one seemed like a typical action movie. – Justin Pray

From the costumes to the acting, this movie surpassed all expectations I had. It seems that everyone involved in making the film were very passionate and dedicated to making it true to the book. Overall, an outstanding movie. – Catharine Sells

Hunger Games: Catching Fire stayed truer to the book than the first movie did, in my opinion. I loved it. The acting was superb, and the costumes and makeup were outstanding. The action scenes were constant and entertaining, and made the time in the arena go by in the blink of an eye. Effie also had some killer one liners. My only complaint: a few of the special effects inside the arena were lacking, but this also could have been the overall look and feel the crew was going for since the arena was ‘in a dome.’ All in all, I was a very happy fan and will be seeing it again in theatres. – Me 🙂

I had to post this photo that I found on a Gossip Site... it is of me photobombing two teenaged girls photo with Sam Claflin. Hilarious.

I had to post this photo that I found on a gossip site… it’s a photo of me photobombing two teenaged girls’ photo with Sam Claflin. I am clearly living in the moment. No braces? No problem. Ridiculous! 😉

Overall, the feedback for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is overwhelmingly positive. I hope that if you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy the movie as much as we did. Until then, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. So looking forward to this movie. Just finished Divergent and am pumped for that as well. Coming out in January??

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