30 questions to ask your main character

Advice from a Literary Agent: 30 Questions to Ask Your Main Characters:

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

Key to a breakout book.

How well do you know your main character?

So often I see writing that feels like it only lives on the page. Writers only imagine their main character in the situation they’ve put them in, not what their main character would be like if they were real. To get beyond the obvious, try to imagine your main character as someone that lives in a multi-dimensional, multi-situational way. Readers connect most with characters that they feel live on after the book is over.

Do you know the answer to these 30 questions?

  1. What do they look like?
  2. What do they like to wear?
  3. How do they like to socialize?
  4. What was their role in their family growing up?
  5. What were they most proud of as a kid?
  6. What did they find terribly embarrassing as a kid?
  7. What was their first best friend like?
  8. What ‘group’ were they in during their high…

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