the infinite sea; a review

The Infinite Sea, By Rick Yancey

The Infinite Sea, By Rick Yancey

I’ve already expressed my joy of reading The 5th Wave, which will soon be a film, coming out January 2016. The Infinite Sea is part two in the trilogy, and while it was much shorter, it didn’t disappoint.

Again, author Rick Yancey’s writing had my eyes fluttering from sentence to sentence; I couldn’t absorb his words fast enough. The sequel follows heroine Cassie on her search for her alien-esque boyfriend, Evan Walker. Strong female lead Ringer also takes more of a dominant roll this time around, as she and Teacup are separated from Cassie and the crew for almost the entire book.

As much as this novel is a transition into the final part of the story, I found it action-packed and suspenseful. Decrepit hotels and familiar stomping grounds are featured as the main settings. Evan Walker (spoiler alert!) makes his way back to Cassie, but barely. Death is among the human crew of teenagers who dream of the good old days of Mcdonalds and Facebook. And while there’s no telling who will come out on top in the final book in the trilogy, I know it’ll be incredible (no pressure, Yancey).

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