free me; a review

Free Me, By Laurelin Paige

Free Me, By Laurelin Paige


This review will be quick and dirty–yes, the pun is intended as the book Free Me (#1 in the Found duet), by Laurelin Paige is quite dirty—but also because the book just wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. Admittedly, I was super intrigued by the Fixed trilogy, also by Laurelin Paige, and I thought that these books would be the same sexy goodness that Hudson and Laynie provided. I was wrong.

While Gwen (female protagonist that we caught a glimpse of in the Fixed trilogy) is likable enough, the male lead, JC, is seriously lacking. In the Fixed trilogy Hudson is emotionally bruised and mysterious, while in Free Me, JC is trashy and smarmy. There aren’t enough good, warm qualities in him for me to make him a believable, somewhat likable character. And while Gwen’s back story is interesting enough, the rest of the plot is lacking. The writing and editing seemed rushed, causing me to have a hard time connecting with the characters and the story. And maybe I’m not supposed to in this kind of book, but Paige’s previous series set my expectations high.

Free Me is book one in duet series. I finished it, but don’t recommend it. Stick with getting Fixed by Hudson Pierce 😉

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