burying water; a review

Burying Water, By K.A Tucker

Burying Water, By K.A Tucker

Book 24 of 2015

K.A. Tucker did it again. I don’t think Tucker can write a novel that I don’t like.

Falling into the genre of ‘romantic suspense,’ Burying Water is an alternating POV story between a young man, Jesse, and a young woman named Alex. Alex was married to a rich Russian mobster, and was physically abused on frequently. Jesse met her and instantly fell for her, but things got out of hand quickly.

The story alternates between past and present, and the novel comes together nicely. Alex was almost killed by her husband and wakes up not remembering who she is or anything about her life, including her husband or Jesse. Every other chapter Jesse tells his version of the story, which has led up to the event where Alex was harmed. The reader slowly pieces together the story with Alex as she navigates through a new life and the kindness of others, all while searching for her past and eventually finding it through Jesse.

Tucker is so fantastic at writing romantic, sweet and sour tales that I can never seem to put her books down once I start them. I am really looking forward to the books two and three in this series, Becoming Rain, out now, and  Chasing River, out July 7th 2015.

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