chasing river; a review

Chasing River, by K.A. Tucker

Chasing River, by K.A. Tucker

Book 43 of 2015

I’m sure I sound like a broken record whenever I write a blogpost about one of K.A. Tucker’s books. I can’t help it though; her characters and stories keep me intrigued and blissful. C’est la vie.

Tucker’s third book in her Burying Water series (and when I say series I mean that the characters are linked. You don’t need to read these novels in a particular order) is called Chasing River and centers around an American woman named Amber as she embarks on a foreign adventure.

Amber’s first stop after exploring Canada is Ireland. A friend of a friend has given her a place to stay and she is set up quite nicely. Her first day, however, doesn’t mirror her easy accommodations. Amber is running late for a guided tour when suddenly she is tackled to the ground right before a bomb goes off the middle of a park. She looks into the eyes of the hero that saved her, but doesn’t get more than a few words out of him before he disappears.

Her hero, River, is an Irishman who only saw Amber in trouble because he had been following is degenerate, criminal brother. If he hadn’t followed his brother to the park, Amber would have been killed. There hadn’t been a choice; of course he was going to save her, but that didn’t mean he could stay around the scene of the crime; there was too much risk. River has enough problems to take care of, never mind getting caught up in his brothers criminal activity.

But Amber doesn’t want to forget about the guy who saved her; he was handsome, he was mysterious, and she wants to thank him. She’s also in a state of shock, and wants some closure so she decides to try to find him. When Amber does find him again, she sees that River doesn’t necessarily want to be found. But River is surprised by himself; as frustrated as he is that the girl found him, he can’t help but feel drawn to her.

Chasing River offers a glimpse into some feisty aspects of IRA ongoing politics, peppered with traditional Irish culture, all while offering all of the elements needed to tell a compelling love story abroad. As always, I recommend any K.A. Tucker novel for a vacation read that will leave you satisfied.

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