keep her safe, a review

Keep Her Safe by K.A. Tucker

Book 9 of 2018

K.A Tucker did it again! Is there anything she can’t write? Keep her Safe is a fast-paced mystery novel with a romantic twist, and it kept me guessing the entire time.

Protagonist Noah Marshall lives a privileged life in Austin, Texas. He grew up with a strong cop mother, who was always looking out for him and trying to lead by example. (Trying is the key word here). But soon everything in Noah’s life has shattered before his eyes when the impossible happens: the woman he has looked up to for all these years has left him forever with nothing but a bag of mysterious objects and unanswered questions. Grieving Noah is left to fend for himself as he tries to right his mother’s wrongs and follow the challenging clues she has behind. With the FBI and Police Department hot on his trail, he launches his own investigation on a crime committed years ago. And with this search comes surprises: not only is Noah now responsible for looking out for his own safety, but he is now responsible for wild, answer-seeking Gracie May and her drug-addicted mother Dina. Based on the clues his mother left him, Noah quickly finds out that these two women from his past desperately need his help .

Noah works to earn Gracie May’s trust as they join forces to solve the thrilling mystery, but the problem is that she doesn’t trust anyone– ever. As the twosome work together, their cases against everyone around them grow murkier by the minute, along with their feelings for one another.

At every turn, it’s impossible to know who to trust in this hard-hitting game made up of drugs and murder. In a southern city where no one seems to know right from wrong and every line is grey, can Noah and Gracie unveil the truth, and stay safe in the process?


I recommend this book to those who love tense tales by Mary Higgins Clark and Jo Nesbo, as well as any of K.A Tucker’s other books with alternating perspectives. It was fast-paced, suspenseful, and the hint of romance was enough to make my cheeks flush. I can’t wait for Tucker’s next book!

Reading Keep Her Safe at the spa!


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