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One thing you know by reading my blog is that I am a feminist who believes in equality for all human beings (refer to posts like this and this if you don’t know what I’m talking about!) Another thing you may know by following my blog is that one of the topics I cover on my blog is “Livin'” which is a broad category, but it essentially covers food and activities in Toronto and around the world. It also covers seminars I have attended and found value in.

That being said, my dear friend April and I attended a mini-seminar put on by the UK-based organization called SHINE at Soho House Toronto. SHINE encourages women to realize their true potential and deliver personal impact, and the speaker (who was an inspiring leader in the marketing world) took us through a series of reflective exercises that really made us ‘dig deep’. I’ve been meaning to blog about what I learned during the SHINE workshop, but I haven’t had the time. Luckily, the exercises inspired April to start her own blog (among other things), and April’s first post talks about what was uncovered during the workshop and the truths that came from each woman’s self discoveries.

Click on April’s blog post below to read about what we discovered about how women treat themselves, and how we all must use the tools SHINE teaches us to continue to grow as women.

I’m proud of April for branching out, putting her thoughts in writing, and doing something scary that she has thought about doing for some time. After all, if our Shine session has inspired us to do anything, it is to embrace a challenge and to stop being afraid. All it takes is a little push in the right direction and some self-reflection.

And to that, I say #GirlPower.


The Long Way Around

I recently went to this mini workshop called Shine for Women with my girlfriend Kelly. With no expectations, other than to perhaps learn something new, I left feeling inspired, motivated and keen to run home and put all of my newfound insight to work. Hard to believe all of that can come from a few hours with strangers and two glasses of wine, right? Well, let me explain…

The whole point of this encounter, from the Shine for Women website, is to “maximise individual potential and deliver personal impact.” I only did an introductory session, however the full two-day seminar is where “participants are challenged and coached to build a bigger vision and plan that gives renewed energy and focus to their professional and personal lives.”

So, that might feel a little heavy… let me sum up my experience for you. Through a couple of different activities intended to put…

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