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Unfiltered, by Lily Collins paired with my favorite Sloane tea. Book photography by KFT, click photo for my bookstagram.

Book 14 of 2017

I have been a fan of Golden Globe nominated actress Lily Collins for quite some time now. Lily was instantly likable to me; she seems hardworking, talented and sweet, and she has a youthful glow to compliment her signature eyebrows. Her father is music icon Phil Collins, but Lily has paved her own road instead of standing in the shadows of her fathers spotlight.

Lily Collins book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, came out in Spring 2017, and is a collection of extremely personal essays. As many of Lily’s fans know, she has not only modeled and acted, but also dabbled in journalism in her teenage years. This is what armed her with the tools to write such compelling essays today. Lily’s writing is raw, authentic and painfully truthful at times. She manages to take pride in and poke fun at herself, all while recognizing that she, as we all are, is a work in progress and must learn from her past.

While Lily’s writing is airy and easy-to-read, it also covers some extremely heavy topics like abusive relationships, alcoholism, addiction, and eating disorders. She is the first to admit that she hasn’t always immediately learned from her mistakes, but she writes her essays with hope and optimism for the future and contemplates what challenges lie ahead. It’s difficult to write about such intensely personal issues and open up as Lily has done, and I commend her. Take a look below at some of my favorite excerpts from Unfiltered, and pick it up today.


“You damage your own self-image when You compare yourself to others and to what you see in the media.”

The quirky things that make you different are what makes you beautiful.” -Lily’s Mom’s mantra.

“I remember standing out in a crowd is much more rewarding than blending in.”

I will never need anyone to complete me. I am enough on my own.” -This chapter was very dark and intriguing, as Lily describes an emotionally abusive relationship she was in.

You deserve happiness. You deserve to be loved just as you love others. You deserve everything.

“But I know now that there is a greater happiness to be attained in this world: the happiness of enjoying myself to the fullest during the one life I have and accepting myself for who I am while I’m living it.” -This is a quote that I took from the essay where Lily shared her past issues with eating disorders.
Recognize one’s flaws as a gift.” -This quote was taken from the chapter where Lily discusses her relationship with her father, Phil, and what her father is like.

Even if they’re listening , sometimes our dads still don’t truly hear what we’re saying.” – Lily believes that a father/daughter relationship is complex and tricky, and found that writing an open letter to her father helped her heal. The note was beautiful, forgiving and heartfelt; it left me inspired. Relationships with our fathers are complex.

“Sources of weakness can transform into your most important and influential sources of inner strength”.

My dad couldn’t acknowledge he needed to stop until he wanted it for himself. I could only do so much. And I needed to see that.” – This is a powerful statement for anyone who has watched someone in their live suffer from an addiction.

I can’t control how someone else handles themselves. And I can’t live my life doubting everything that people say to me.”

Asking for help is never a sign of weakness. It’s one of the bravest things you can do. And it can save your life.

By sharing, we learn that we’re not alone, that we’re not so different after all. We’re all human. We all want to feel part of something greater. ” – The context of this quote comes from a discussion Lily had with a fourteen-year-old girl about body image.

Speaking our minds and letting others in is a crucial step in self-reflection, in figuring out who we are and navigating the murky waters of growing up.”

I think every breakup is a journey of realizing that the universe has something greater in mind for you.”

Our greatest triumphs in life don’t come without having to navigate the ups and the downs.”

I want to look as strong as I feel. And in order to do all of that, I need to live my life for every moment and be truly present, not worried about things that are out of my control or trying to control everything within my power.

…and I’ve found comfort in knowing that treatment is forever.


Since the essays are short and snackable pieces of content, I recommend this book for those who don’t always have time to read, but want to. I recommend Lily’s stories for those who are striving towards greatness, but have a lot of self-doubt. And I recommend this books to those who like to cheer for personal growth and happiness, and seeing someone overcome adversity. Lily may have been raised in a different situation than a lot of us, but her essays make her relatable, brave and vulnerable.


I’ve always liked Lily Collins, and now I admire her too.

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