five ways to fall; a review

Five Ways to Fall, By K.A. Tucker

Five Ways to Fall, By K.A. Tucker

Book 54/50

In a previous post, I mentioned my new adoration of K.A Tucker, Canadian New Adult author. I picked up Five Ways to Fall, book number four in her Ten Tiny Breaths series, after reading Four Seconds to Lose.

Five Ways to Fall picks up where Four Seconds to Lose ends; Ben, one of the minor characters in Four Seconds to Lose, is the male protagonist in this story, and when he meets wild Reese MacKay on vacation in Mexico, his life as he know it is turned upside down.

Ben isn’t the settling-down-type, and Reese is fresh out of a short-lived marriage and divorce disaster. After a humiliating night in Mexico, Reese never expects to see Ben again. Little does she know that fate has a funny sense of humour….

Five Ways to Fall explores a hilarious and romantic journey, with a split POV between Ben and Reese, and explores the growth of two characters with battered pasts. Will this unlikely pair find love in one another? Will they be able to get over all of their hurdles? Well -spoiler alert!- one thing can be guaranteed with Tucker’s novels: she loves a happy ending. So if you do too, check out Five Ways to Fall now.

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