in her wake and ten tiny breaths; a review


In Her Wake, by K.A Tucker

In Her Wake, by K.A Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths, By K.A Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths, By K.A Tucker

Books 28 & 29 of 2015

I read the novella In Her Wake before rereading Ten Tiny Breaths and I was glad that I did.

 In Her Wake is the newest of K.A Tucker’s TTB series stories, and is written from Cole/Trent’s perspective.

To recap, Ten Tiny Breaths is a story about a girl named Kacey whose mother, father, best friend and boyfriend all died in a car accident. Kacey was the only survivor of the drunk driving incident and it changed her beyond words. accident. The drunk driver was one of three college students were in the opposite car, who we later find out was Cole and his two friends. Cole was the only one wearing his seat belt, and Cole is the only one to have survived his car.

Kacey was a once model student and avid athlete, but since her parents died, she and her sister were taken under the wing of her aunt and uncle. Kacey started acting out, doing drugs and skipping school.

The Ten Tiny Breaths story starts with Cassie moving her little sister Livie (who we see a lot more of in One Tiny Lie) to Miami to start over. Miami is where she meets Cole, who is now living under the new name of Trent. Little does Kacey know that Trent has followed her there and that he is the guy who she blames for killing her family. Trent means to make amends, help heal her, and free himself of the guilt he has caused her. What he doesn’t expect to do is fall madly in love with her.

In Her Wake is Cole’s perspective on the horrific accident, the aftermath, and the truth behind why he followed Kacey to Miami to befriend her. The healing process is a funny thing, and everyone treats it differently. In Her Wake is an interesting, dark prescriptive on finding peace after tragedy, starting over, and learning to love and forgive yourself.

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