homecoming (the 100 series); a review

The 100, Homecoming, By Kass Morgan

The 100, Homecoming, By Kass Morgan

Book 30 of 2015

As soon as the third and final book of Kass Morgan’s The 100 trilogy came out, I was quick to get myself to the bookstore to pick up a copy. Since the TV show has been on hiatus for the summer, I needed the last The 100 novel to fill the void I felt inside.

I really enjoy the way Morgan moved the story for each of the storytellers along in the final book. Glass, Wells, Clarke and Bellamy are the four narrators throughout the series, and while the characters personal stories don’t get amplified in the same way as they do on the TV show, they don’t necessarily need to be. Plus, the story lines are so far removed from those within the TV show, reading it was like watching a spin-off TV series play as a reel in my head as I read along.

Morgan ended the stories off nicely. The ending felt a bit rushed, but I always expect that in the last few chapters of a trilogy. There was an especially sad death for Wells, who had already experienced so much grief with the death of his father, but it was nice to see that most of my favorite characters remained alive and relatively well at the end of the series.

If only it were that way in the TV series, which constantly leaves me on the edge of my seat. How am I going to wait until late Fall for the show to begin again? Someone hand me another book!

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