the heir; a review

The Heir, By Kiera Cass

The Heir, By Kiera Cass

Okayyyy. I was super stoked to get into The 4th Selection novel, especially after my friend Jane warned me how quickly I would get through it. This novel is set twenty years after the The Selection trilogy, focusing on America and Maxon’s daughter, Eadlyn, who is about to host her own Selection.

As  reminder, in The Selection– now optioned for a TV show!– sixteen year old America Singer, a lower middle class teenager, was called to the royal palace to take part in a ‘The Bachelor-like” competition for the crown. The United States was run by a monarchy and society was broken into castes. The lower your number, the richer you were. For example, the castes are numbered One to Ten and Ones are known as the richest and there are very few of them, while America’s family were Fives.  America was called up to The Selection to see if she would win Prince Maxon’s heart, amongst a sea of other girls. She didn’t want to partake at first, but ended up falling for the prince. At the end of The Selection series, Maxon and America (as King and Queen) end up together and worked to begin getting rid of the castes and build a better society for everyone.

Twenty years later in The Heir, rebels are striking the monarchy because they miss the caste system. America and Maxon ask their sixteen year old daughter Eadlyn, who will one day be queen, to host a Selection of her own. They hope the Selection will give society something to be excited about, but Eadlyn doesn’t agree. She is an independent girl, and has always had the mindset that she doesn’t need a man, so she definitely doesn’t need a Selection. Eadlyn agrees to host a Selection for the greater good, but what her parents (and the contestants) don`t realize is that she isn`t going to make it easy for anyone, including herself.

The Heir is book one in a two-part finale of The Selection series and will have everyone reading along and biting their nails as Eadlyn works to get over herself and try to fall in love, for the sake of her parents, and for her country.

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