the secrets of attraction; a review

The Secrets of Attraction, by Robin Constantine

The Secrets of Attraction, by Robin Constantine

Book 37 of 2015

The Secrets of Attraction are real. At least, they are in the little world that Robin Constantine has created. Her sophomore novel follows her wildly successful The Promise of Amazing, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, if you remember correctly, I simply adored TPOA (and read it twice last year), so my expectations for Constantine’s new story were quite high.

The Secrets of Attraction is narrated by spitfire Madison and miserable-yet-cute Jesse. Madison is a spunky, fiery, small blonde with a pixie cut. She likes to date guys, but doesn’t like to get too close to them; she’s never been in love. Madison’s going through some changes in her home life, and doesn’t expect to fall for Jesse, the broody barista at the coffee shop she frequents.

Jesse is a guitar-playing emo kid, who recently had his heart-broken. He wants to win his ex back, but unfortunately she’s moved on… with one of his best friends and band mates. He’s working to get over her but doesn’t know how to, until Madison enters the picture and he really ‘sees’ her. And at first, Jesse doesn’t notice how attractive he finds Madison, but when the two end up together at a school dance one night, everything changes.

Constantine does an amazing job of putting her readers inside a teenagers mind, and providing her readers with a realistic take on YA issues around love, family drama and confidence. Readers will fall in love with Jesse and Madison, just as they did with Wren and Grayson (who make several cameos in The Secrets of Attraction!), and are sure to be aching for another Robin Constantine release in the near future.

She just can’t write ’em fast enough!

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