rush; a review

Rush, by Eve Silver

Rush, by Eve Silver

Book 49 of 2015

Rush is the first book in The Game trilogy, and was recommended to me by one of my teen fiction-loving posse members, Zain. In Rush, the protagonist is a spirited, hard-ass teenager named Miki who, ever since her mom passed away two years ago, has felt ‘different’ from her high school peers. Within the first chapter, Miki hears a male warning voice in her head and soon after sees a little girl who is about to get hit by a car. The voice pushes Miki to save the girl, and she does, but she also gets hit herself.

Miki wakes up after the accident in a place called ‘the lobby.’ She’s surrounded by other teenagers who inform her that Miki has died- but can prevent her death with the game she is about to play- as long as she stays alive long enough to get out. Her job is to fight aliens on behalf of the human race with a handful of other teens who have gone through the same thing. After each game is played, time travels backwards and Miki and her game-playing peers are put back into their world where they last left it. The mysterious ringleader, Jackson Tate, she soon finds out is the ‘voice’ she had heard in her head and Miki is dead-set on uncovering the mystery that surrounds him.

Rush is a nice mix of The Cage, The Hunger Games and The 5th Wave. The pace is quick, and I thoroughly enjoy author Eve Silver’s writing style. I jumped right into the second book after finishing the first, so quickly in fact, you could say I ‘rushed’ into it 😉

(Sorry, I’m always game for a good pun!)


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  1. I have read a lot of books lately that involve teenagers in some kind of game with high stakes. Do you think that Rush is original enough to be enjoyable, or is it just another Hunger Games spin-off? Thanks!

    • Hey Alicia- it is definitely much more science fiction orientated than Hunger Games and I think it is different enough to be enjoyable. If you read it, let me know your thoughts!

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