push; a review

Push, by Eve Silver

Push, by Eve Silver

Book 50 of 2015

Push is the follow-up to Eve Silver’s Rush, and the second book in The Game trilogy, where teens are essentially playing a video game with their lives.

Push begins with readers wondering if Miki’s crush and team leader, Jackson, has made it out alive. When Jackson doesn’t show up in ‘real-time’ after a terrifying fight for their lives, Miki and fellow fighter Luka get worried and begin their search for him.

Since Push is the second book in the trilogy, I don’t want to give too much away to those who haven’t read book one, but I will say that there is even more action and adventure this time around. The setting, plot and characters are established and as readers, we are able to dive right in. We also learn more of Jacksons back story, and readers will really relate to the friendship Miki has with her best friend Carly.

Pick up this series for a quick read! The climactic high school scene towards the end of book two had me flipping through the pages ever so quickly. I can’t wait to start the last book in the series and to see how this trilogy ends.

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